Scion XA/XB 2004-2006 1.5L Scion XA/XB 2004-2006 1.5L – Action Clutch
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IRONMAN Scion XA/XB 2004-2006 1.5L

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IRONMAN - Sintered Iron Disc. Incl. Dual HD Pressure Plate+Bearing Kit

Race Applications / Heavy Track use
Single dual clamp diaphragm Iron puck Clutch System.
Increased holding capacity specifically designed for track used applications only
PEDAL FEEL: Heavy with smooth engagementξ

- Impressive holding capacity for a single plate clutch

- Strictly used for track applications

- Should be used with Action Steel Flywheels

- Engagement is On or Off clutch

- Made of American Sintered Iron Formulaξ

*No Clutch chatter but light engagement noise, increased gear rattleξ

*Not recommended for daily use