Organic Sprung Street Disc Organic Sprung Street Disc – Action Clutch
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Organic Sprung Street Disc

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  • Extended Wear Life, OEM Drivabilityξ
  • High Copper Steel-Back Organic Sprung Disc
  • Engineered for naturally aspirated vehicles with bolt-ons
  • Good for heavy-duty street use

This clutch disc features a nice smooth/linear engagement and an extended wear life.ξOur Action organic disc features a premium mix of fibers and high copper with a Steel-back lining for higher burst strength, better heat tolerance, and a very fastξrecovery from overheating. It provides quicker shifting and has a quiet operation with an increase inξstrengthξand durability. Our fully enclosed retainers will ensure that no springs will ever pop out andξdestroyξan important part in your build. These fullyξenclosed retainers have been a game changer in the automotive industry. Toξreceive the best performance, please use this disc with our ACTIONξpressure plates.ξ

Disc Size/Spline Count: 210mm,ξ20T

Disc Type: Sprung Street Discξ