Stage 2 Mitsubishi Lancer 1992-1995 2.0L Turbo EVO 1-3 - Action Clutch

Stage 2 Clutch Kit (1KS) for Mitsubishi Lancer 1992-1995 2.0L Turbo EVO 1-3


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Stage 2 1KS (Kevlar Sprung) Incl. HD Pressure Plate+Bearing Kit

Street/Track Applications (Occasional Track use- Circuit/Time Attack/Road Racing)
Steel Back Kevlar Clutch System.

PEDAL FEEL: Light, with Very Smooth Engagement

- Single diaphragm heavy-duty pressure plate.

- Reinforced Steel Back Kevlar sprung disc engineered for naturally aspirated vehicles with bolt-ons.

- Good for heavy-duty street use and mild track use.

- Great Heat Dissipation

- Most comfortable kit to drive on street, last twice as long as any kit in the market (Depending on user driving style)


While Kevlar facings require higher clamping pressures than most materials and have a long break-in period (1,000 miles) - their durability makes them a great choice for vehicles with stock or slightly modified engines.


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