Jeff Jones Still Gripping with Action Clutch in 2023!

Jeff Jones Still Gripping with Action Clutch in 2023!

Posted on By Matthew Dennehy

Professional drifter Jeff Jones has renewed his partnership with Action Clutch for the 2023 race season. Jones will continue to run an Action Clutch 10” Twin-Disc Race Kit in his LS-powered Evol Autoworks Nissan 370Z, which he debuted in 2018. Today, it makes 946 WHP and 1,003 lbs./ft of torque that is transferred to the driveline through a GeForce transmission.

“Action Clutch worked closely with us to develop a clutch that met the needs of our professional drift car, and the result is awesome, commented Jones. “It works perfectly and never fails”.

Jones continued, “What’s really cool about Action Clutch is their customer service. You can call them and tell them what you are doing, tell them your trans, engine combo and torque, and they will have a solution, It will probably save you some money too”.

Jeff Jones is a seasoned pro who placed 13th in competition last season, with a podium finish in Irwindale, a Top 8 finish in Atlanta, and three Top 16 finishes in Seattle, St. Louis and Orlando. Jones competed in Formula Drift Pro 1 & Pro 2 in 2017, culminating in a 2nd place overall finish in a Mazda RX-7.

Formula Drift kicks off its 2023 season in Long Beach, CA on the historic Streets of Long Beach circuit, sharing a portion of the course used in the Long Beach Grand Prix, on April 7-8. 2023 Formula Drift Schedule


Action Clutch has over 50 years of experience delivering big power to thousands of drivelines, and we are pretty great at what we do. We combine USA-manufactured parts with premium friction materials, and deliver our products with the very best customer service.

We are honored that thousands of hard core and new performance enthusiasts from around the world trust Action Clutch to get their engine’s horsepower to the wheels. Stay Gripping!

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