About Us

AT ACTION CLUTCH, we build and take time to provide products that will outperform the competition. In doing so, it has allowed us to work alongside innovative tuners and builders to not only be innovative and forward thinking, but to build trust and security for our customers. A clutch is an important piece to the puzzle, whether your car is making stock or high power, all components of the clutch is a big factor.


The action clutch story.

Action Clutch was founded in 1962 in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout these years Action Clutch has been supplying the local LA Natives with high quality rebuilds. In the early 90’s Action Clutch stepped into the Racing Industry and began providing the local racers with its unique hand assembled clutch kits. Fast forward to present day, Action Clutch has outperformed the competition with their innovative strategies on improving the quality and becoming the most cost effective high end product in the market.

Over the past 60 years we have worked with celebrities, industry’s top innovators, and professional tuners which that alone has proven the quality, showed the trust in our name and provided security for our customers. A clutch is an important piece to the puzzle. Whether your car is a stock build, or full high powered race car, Action Clutch is here to provide the highest quality American kits and components for the most extreme or basic uses. Stay Gripping.


While our competition slips, we stay gripping.

Our advanced engineering practices have allowed us to create various stages of product to handle all sorts of different types of abuse. We offer kits for your daily driver / mild bolt on vehicles all the way up to 1000+hp drag / drift cars.

Over the years, we have put a lot of focus on developing kits that provide less compromise than some of our competitors by ensuring we utilize only the best friction materials and components. All of our kits are SFI Approved, which is certification that our products are safe for racing by The SFI Foundation, Inc. Not only do our kits hold great power, but there is less compromise on pedal feel as well as less concern running a sprung disc for higher powered applications.

All of our sprung kits come with our spring retainers which ensures that those springs do not pop out under high stress driving, preventing serious damage to your engine and transmission. Technologies like this are implemented by recognizing an industry wide issue, and creating & offering a solution to the masses as a standard option.


Providing the tools for success.

Unlike many of our competitors, we at Action Clutch invest in a top tier tech team to help customers diagnose issues, give support for installations and provide insight on completing adjustments. Beyond that, our tech team is constantly working on creating informative install guides, install tips to make the long labor intensive process easier and more efficient for our customers. Our tech team is always available to support all Action Clutch customers with their clutch related issues / obstacles.

Our tech team works diligently to put out useful information on a consistent basis which is available on our Tech Corner. If you want to request any tech tips, walk-throughs or guides, feel free to contact us using the General Inquiries form.

Research and development

Forward planning.

Through our advanced engineering practices and prototyping we invest a lot of time and energy into research and development for new applications and markets. Once we are confident in our engineering portion of development, we move toward test fitting on the application and ensure fitment is perfect before even completing a full install, break-in and stress test on the vehicle. As with our current line-up, we maintain a high quality standard by ensuring all kits that leave our facility are free of defects and imperfections, our R&D process is the same, resulting in production quality kits being used for testing purposes. By approaching things in this manner, we have been able to bring products to market quicker by eliminating unnecessary failures.