About Us

AT ACTION CLUTCH, our commitment to excellence drives us to design and manufacture products that consistently surpass industry standards. This dedication not only fosters innovation but also strengthens the trust and security our customers have in us. Clutches are critical to your vehicle's performance, impacting everything from daily driving to high-power racing. Every component of our clutches is crafted to enhance your car's capabilities, ensuring reliability and peak performance under any condition.


The action clutch story.

Action Clutch, based in Los Angeles since 1962, has consistently pushed the boundaries of clutch technology to deliver exceptional value and performance. Initially known for high-quality local rebuilds, our foray into the racing industry in the early 1990s marked a significant pivot towards manufacturing hand-assembled clutch kits tailored for racing applications. This strategic shift allowed us to innovate continually and adapt to the evolving demands of racers and enthusiasts alike.

Today, Action Clutch is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, having collaborated with industry leaders and top innovators over the past six decades. Our products cater to a wide range of needs, from standard vehicles to high-powered race cars, ensuring every driver experiences optimal performance and reliability.

Our history of working alongside celebrities and professional tuners has not only proven our products' quality but also cemented the trust and security our customers place in our name. Whether your vehicle is built for the streets or the track, Action Clutch offers the highest quality American-made kits and components designed to handle the most extreme conditions.

As we continue to serve the automotive community, our motto "Stay Gripping" reflects our drive to offer the best in performance under all conditions, ensuring that every clutch component we provide meets the rigorous standards expected by our clients.

Technology at Action Clutch:

Staying Ahead of the Curve

At Action Clutch, we pride ourselves on our advanced engineering practices that keep us ahead in a competitive field. We've developed a range of clutch kits, from those suited for everyday vehicles to high-performance kits designed for 1000+ horsepower drag and drift cars.

Our focus has always been on minimizing compromises. By selecting the best friction materials and components, we ensure superior performance and reliability. All our clutch kits meet SFI standards, certifying their safety for racing purposes according to The SFI Foundation, Inc. This commitment extends to enhancing driver experience by improving pedal feel and reducing wear on higher-power applications.

One of our standout innovations includes the use of spring retainers in our sprung kits, preventing spring displacement under high-stress conditions and safeguarding the engine and transmission from damage. This approach not only addresses a common industry issue but also sets a new standard by making high-quality solutions accessible to all drivers.

Education and Support at Action Clutch

Providing the tools for success.

At Action Clutch, we believe that providing top-tier technical support is essential for success. We stand apart from many competitors by having a dedicated tech team that assists customers with troubleshooting, installation support, and detailed guidance on making adjustments. Our commitment goes beyond solving immediate issues; we focus on empowering our customers with knowledge.

Our tech team regularly produces comprehensive installation guides and tips, aimed at simplifying complex procedures and improving efficiency for our customers. These resources are readily available in our Tech Corner, ensuring you have access to reliable information whenever needed.

For those in need of personalized advice, our tech team is just a message away. We encourage you to reach out via our General Inquiries form for any specific tech tips, walkthroughs, or guides, making sure that you have the tools and knowledge to succeed with our products.

Research and Development at Action Clutch:

Pioneering Future Innovations.

At Action Clutch, our commitment to innovation is underscored by robust research and development practices. Our team invests significant time and resources into engineering and prototyping new solutions tailored to emerging applications and markets. This forward-thinking approach ensures that we are always at the forefront of clutch technology.

Our rigorous R&D process involves extensive testing stages, including precise test fitting and comprehensive stress testing on vehicles, to guarantee perfect fitment and function before products reach the market. This meticulous attention to detail extends to ensuring that all kits are flawless and free of any defects or imperfections before leaving our facility.

By maintaining these high standards throughout our development process, we not only uphold the quality of our current lineup but also streamline our production. This strategic approach significantly reduces the incidence of failures and accelerates the time to market for new products, keeping us ahead in a dynamic industry.